Pregnant Workers Fairness Act takes effect April 1, 2018

The Massachusetts Legislature has amended the Commonwealth’s anti-discrimination statute, codified at M.G.L. c. 151B, Section 4, to expand protections for pregnant workers.The revamped legislation requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers, to include the following: Employers must provide written notice to employees of the right to be free from discrimination due to pregnancy […]


Securing Your Workplace Rights

Massachusetts workers enjoy many protections under the Wage and Hour Act and Overtime Statutes (Mass General Laws Chapters 149 § 150 and c. 151, § 1A, respectively). The legislation, enacted in 2008 by Attorney General Martha Coakley, provides for mandatory treble damages, costs, attorney’s fees and interest for aggrieved employees who successfully bring suit against their employers.  The law provides that workers must be paid in a timely manner (to include accrued vacation time, which is treated the same as wages) weekly or bi-weekly, and that terminated workers must be paid all sums due and owing, in full, on the date of discharge. Continue reading “Securing Your Workplace Rights”


Getting paid for work travel with your personal vehicle

As job markets and economies become increasingly intertwined due to new and emerging technology, more and more Americans are being required by their employers to travel for work. According to a study by the United States Department of Transportation, Americans make approximately 405 million long-distance trips for work each year. Use of a personal vehicle for a business trip accounts for 81% of business travel, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

So when does your employer have to compensate you for travel time? According to the Code of Massachusetts Regulations:

“an employee required or directed to travel from one place to another after the beginning of or before the close of the work day shall be compensated for all travel time and shall be reimbursed for all transportation expenses.” 455 Code Mass. Regs. § 2.03.

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